SK Civil Engineering

SK Civil Engineering provides civil engineering services to all clients across California. SK Civil Engineering also assists all clients in providing land surveying services.  

During the designing and planning stage, we provide infrastructure design work covering a wide range of projects such as earthworks, roadways, highway, residential, grading & drainage, water/sewage relocation works for our clients.

Our mission is to provide engineering excellence in an innovative and cost-effective approach in all our professional services.

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 Area of Expertise

  • Grading & Drainage Design
  • Drainage Hydraflow Analysis
  • Drainage Study/Report
  • LID Measures/Treatments
  • Highway Facilities Realignment Design
  • Freeway Interchanges Design
  • Temporary Traffic Control System 
  • Park & Ride Lot Design
  • Commercial Parking Lot Design
  • Water Feature Design
  • Caltrans Retaining Wall Design
  • Caltrans Sound Wall Design
  • Staging & Traffic Handling
  • Complete Street Design
  • Bike Lane Design 
  • ADA Curb Ramps
  • Tentative Map
  • Land Surveying and Mapping
  • ADU Civil Submittal Package
  • Utility Agencies Coordination
  • Comprehensive Utility Design
  • Utility & Aerial Mapping
  • Utility Construction Staging
  • Joint Utility Trench Design
  • Sanitary Sewer Relocation Design
  • Water Line Relocation Design
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Construction Day Scheduling

Area of Expertise